Mission and objetives Mission and objetives


In ACAFI we seek to promote a suitable business and investment environment that contributes to the economic development of the country and the capital market



  • Representing the interests of its associates.
  • Establishing links with pier organizations, domestic and international, in addition to local and international authorities related to capital markets.
  • Promoting a proper debate on legal and regulating matters that affect the investment fund industry in the country.
  • Establishing a common good practice parameter for all associates, contributing to a transparent and self-regulated business environment.
  • Providing technical information and statistics to the entire investment fund industry members in order to become an effective tool in the decision-making process.
  • Supporting the necessary provision of information to the Government, regulating agencies, and other relevant parties in the investment fund industry.
  • Performing permanent diagnoses on changes and necessary progress in the business environment and atmosphere, promoting regulation and standard changes necessary to generate continuous improvement, as well as incentives for the industry.

2014 Corporate Presentation ACAFI

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