Working Commitees

In order to complement and enrich ACAFI work, and promote a suitable business and investment environment that contributes to the development of the capital market in the country, a series of internal work committees have been created, formed by members of the Association.

The said work teams are divided in three:

Antonio Gil Comisión de Trabajo Mobiliaria

Movables Work Committee

Its purpose is to develop proactive proposals to the Government regarding matters related to the capital market.  During this year, its main projects have been the creation of a common agenda with the Asociación de Fondos Mutuos (AFFMM), based on legislative and market matters; the establishment of a work table to promote Mercado Integrado Latinoamericano, MILA, development; the generation of discussion and analysis instances for corporate governance, and joint periodical activities of interest for the associated parties and the industry.

This committee is chaired by ACAFI Vice-president, Antonio Gil Nievas (Moneda AM).

Eduardo Palacios Comisión de Trabajo Inmobiliaria

Real Estate Work Committee

It is responsible for developing and working on different initiatives related to real estate investment funds and their spreading, highlighting fixed assets income.  This year, the committee has been working on the preparation of a study matrix on the real estate industry, together with Fitch Ratings.  The committee has also made presentations to different AFPs (Pension Funds Administrators) investment manager committees, worked on the discussion on bonds inclusion as investment subjects for pension funds, and it has formed alliances with international entities.

The committee is chaired by ACAFI Director, Eduardo Palacios (Cimenta).

Cristián LetelierComisión de Trabajo Venture Capital y PrivateEquity (VC&PE)

Venture Capital And Private Equity (Vc&Pe) Work Committee

It is dedicated to promote the development of venture capital and private equity industry in the country.  During the year, the committee carried out the VC&PE Report jointly with EY (former Ernst & Young) in order to inform on this industry figures and its impact on the country and region.  Besides, the committee works, together with Corfo, on matters such as the launching of Fondos de Etapas Tempranas (FET) and it set up a work table to adjust the Programa de Fondo de Crecimiento (FC).  The committee has also participated in presentations before the AFPs manager committee on the benefits of investing in alternate assets.

The committee is chaired by ACAFI Director, Cristián Letelier (IM Trust Credicorp Capital).